Perimeter Solar Inc. Projects

Claresholm Solar Inc.

Claresholm Solar is a 130MW solar PV facility being developed approximately 13km east of the town of Claresholm, Alberta. This project is currently in stage 4 of the AESO interconnection queue and is working through all permitting at the provincial (AUC) level and with the municipal district (MD of Willow Creek).

Perimeter Solar has recently announced that an electricity supply agreement for the Claresholm Solar Project has been reached with TC Energy to supply 74.25MW of electricity from this 130 MW project.

For further details on this project, please contact Philipp Andres at


Maple Creek Solar Project

Perimeter Solar is developing two 10MW photovoltaic projects north of the village of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. 

Environmental permitting of the projects has been completed through Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, and the projects are being prepared for bidding into SaskPower’s renewable energy procurement(s). 

For further information on this project, please contact Daniel Andres at